Easy Recipe for Dinner Tonight: Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry

As much of the northeast prepares to hunker down and watch the snow fall, folks aren’t just thinking about dinner tonight, but what’s on the menu for potential snow days for the whole family. Be sure to check out our ideas for delicious and healthy breakfasts and hearty and affordable soups to keep bellies full and warm during the blizzard. And for tonight: Consider this […] MORE >

Rope Tricks! Get that ’70s Look With These Cool Projects

When I spotted this rope room divider on The Brick House, all I could say was, “Far out!” What an ingenious project—inexpensive, super stylish, and relatively easy to make. Inspired, I started looking around for other things you can do with rope—and what I found is truly awesome. If you want some of that laid-back hippie vibe in your home, check out these […] MORE >

7 Affordable Gadgets to Keep You Warm and Help You Save Money

Like it or not, the cold weather is here to stay…and plummeting temperatures can wreak havoc on your heating bills. Instead of piling on your warmest gear, why not try out some affordable gadgets that can help you stay toasty while keeping the bills down. 1. Personal Space Heater Great for the cold-office dweller or for by the couch, this little heater with big […] MORE >

The Best Movies and Shows to Stream on Your Snow Day

It’s cold. It’s snowing. It’s all-around gross outside. You could organize your closet, or clean up around the house, or get ahead on your taxes…OR you could hunker down and indulge in some binge-watching. We rounded up some great selections available on various streaming services for you to enjoy, no matter your mood. If you’re looking for a laugh: Scrubs: Whatever your feelings […] MORE >

Free Sample: Burrito at Chipotle, Plus Domestic Fare Deals on United Airlines!

Today in our freebies and deals roundup: Huge deals at Home Depot, a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or tacos from Chipotle and a free download of Blake Shelton’s Bringing Back the Sunshine Album at Google Play! Hurry and get these awesome deals and freebies while they last! Today’s Freebies: Free Burrito, Bowl, Salad, or Tacos at Chipotle w/Purchase: Purchase one […] MORE >

How to Save on Dinner During the Beef Shortage

Bad news for chili con carne connoisseurs: a nationwide beef shortage is driving up prices for consumers across the country, especially for brisket fans in Texas and California. According to CBS News, brisket prices have increased 60% compared to last year, or up from an average of $2.21 per pound to $3.52 per pound. So where’s the beef? The shortage is being […] MORE >

Monday Motivator: 4 Easy Breathing Exercises for Focus and Energy

When you’re stressed or anxious, being told to “take a deep breath” seems like obvious—and not super helpful—advice. After taking a course on meditation and breathing exercises, however, I’ve become a believer in the impact mindful breathing can have on your energy levels and mood. Luckily, you don’t need to take a class or even leave your home to start experiencing the benefits. Here are a few YouTube […] MORE >

8 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (All Under $40!)

Guys tend to be notoriously hard to buy gifts for, especially come Valentine’s Day. Treat your best man to something special from this list of guy-approved options—each one under $40, and most under $20! 1. Button Down Collar Dress Shirt Dress up his look with a tailored dress shirt, available in 18 colors (the red would look great on almost every guy). Easy Care Striped Button-Down Collar […] MORE >

Got Winter Hat Hair? Try These Genius Fixes

Your mom was right: You should always wear a hat when it’s cold out. And with the temperatures continuing to plummet, there are still plenty of hat-days left this winter…Which means there are plenty of hat-hair days ahead too. Fight frizz, static, and creases with our quick solutions for hat hair disasters. With these tips, the oncoming polar vortex is no match […] MORE >

Healthy Lunches to Make Ahead of Time: See Our Favorites on Pinterest!

Bringing your lunch to work not only saves you money, it’s also usually healthier than takeout. Still, planning lunch ahead can be difficult, and putting together a healthy lunch that can stand up to cramped space in the office fridge can be nearly impossible. We’ve pulled together a collection of healthy, tasty lunches that you can make ahead or easily assemble […] MORE >