23 Chocolate Chip Cookie Upgrades (Yum!)

Crispy, chewy, fresh out of the oven or sandwiching a scoop of ice cream—everyone has their favorite way to eat a chocolate chip cookie. So when we heard this week that our beloved chocolate chips may actually being making our cookies worse, things got a little heated in the All You office. We considered the author’s suggestion to mix in chopped chocolate […] MORE >

USDA Says You Can Eat Some Foods Up to 18 Months Past Their Sell-By Dates

Good news for your pantry: You don’t need to toss all of your food the day after the expiration date on the packaging. Our friends at People Great Ideas share how you can waste less food and save more money by keeping track of when food really goes bad. by Morgan Gibson Don’t throw that expired yogurt out just yet—it may still be […] MORE >

20 Hilarious #MomProblems Tweets That Perfectly Describe Motherhood

Having one of those days? You’re not alone. Just search the #momproblems hashtag on Twitter for a hilarious stream of tweets from moms using the social media platform to share anecdotes about everything from unfortunate vomit spills to picky eaters to the struggles of peeing in peace when you have little ones in the house. Have your own #momproblems to share? Tweet them with the hashtag […] MORE >

Can Exercise Alone Help You Lose Weight? The Sad Truth

“You cannot outrun a bad diet.” That’s the conclusion of a new editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In other words, you can’t lose weight by exercising alone. You’ve got to eat better, too. Obesity has skyrocketed in the last 30 years—but contrary to what you might think, we haven’t actually been exercising all that much less, the authors write: […] MORE >

Free Sample: Free Kiehl’s Products, Big Az Angus Cheeseburger, 50% Off at Banana Republic, and More!

Today in our freebies and deal roundup: Score complimentary Kiehl’s products, a free Big Az Angus Cheeseburger at Tedeschi Food Shops, a free NIVEA body lotion sample, 50% off sale styles at Banana Republic, and more! Hurry and get these awesome deals while they last! Today’s Freebies: Free Kiehl’s products: In honor of Earth Day, recycle bottles and containers from any skin care […] MORE >

The Only Tomato Sauce Recipe You’ll Ever Need (It’s That Good)

Whether it’s homemade mac and cheese, or classic spaghetti with meatballs, or cheesy penne casseroles, I am a big fan of pasta. Which means that I end up using lots and lots of sauce. I used to just buy jarred tomato sauce, either from Trader Joe’s or my nearby grocery store—after all, it’s pre-made (way easier and faster than making my own) […] MORE >

How to Buy and Cook Rhubarb, In Season Now

By now, you’re probably finding boxes of rhubarb cropping up at your local grocery stores. These bright red stalks hit their peak season from April to June and are very easy to prepare. Here’s everything you need to know to use this amazing spring ingredient: How to Buy Rhubarb: In the produce section, look for red, crisp stalks for the […] MORE >

Readers Share Their 7 Favorite Back-of-the-Box Recipes

Sometimes the best, easiest, tastiest recipes don’t come from a cookbook—they come from the back of an ingredient package. Case in point: The Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie recipe from the back of the Quaker oats canister, which our editors, our readers, and even a particular well-known food magazine all agree is the bestest. ALL YOU readers weighed in with 6 more of their top […] MORE >

Book Your Summer Vacation…On Amazon

Planning a getaway? You can now plan a trip through Amazon’s newest site: Amazon Destinations. With the new site, you can find hotels, restaurants, and attractions in your region, plus you can book your hotel directly through Amazon. The new tool is a feature of Amazon Local, which finds discounted food, services, and goods in your area. Here’s how it works: You log on to Amazon Destinations and check out […] MORE >

6 Eco-Friendly Backyard Projects

Though Earth Day was yesterday, there are steps you can take right in your own backyard to live green every day. Try any one of these six eco-friendly projects in your backyard this spring, and the Earth will thank you. 1. Start an organic garden from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Be kind to the environment, as well as your personal health, by […] MORE >