Starbucks Delivery Will Start Next Year (Our Dreams Are Coming True!)

If you’ve ever woken up in desperate need of a coffee and thought, “I wish someone would just deliver my favorite Starbucks drink right to my front door,” (and who hasn’t?) your dreams are about to come true. In what can only be described as The Best News Ever, Starbucks announced yesterday that it’s planning on introducing a new food […] MORE >

Support Our Troops With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

As I kid, my brother and I used to haul in POUNDS of candy. We had to carry it all in our pillowcases because regular grocery bags would rip. We’d be swimming in candy for weeks. My mom would find empty wrappers around the house long after Halloween was over, and despite her best efforts to keep our candy intake […] MORE >

8 Halloween Clearance Sales To Save Today!

Most of us might stick to post-Thanksgiving and post-Christmas sales to stock up on deals for the next season. But don’t count Halloween out—there are plenty of ways to use post-Halloween clearance sales to save every day. Discounted costumes are great for kids to play dress-up, and holiday stockings can always use a few extra sweet treats. Or, you can always be […] MORE >

Five for Friday: How Halloween Can Save You $$ for Christmas (And Other Links We Love!)

Happy Friday, and happy Halloween! Whether you’re already eagerly preparing for holiday shopping or you can’t believe Halloween is already here, here are this week’s quick reads from around the web on how to prep for tonight’s trick-or-treating and beyond. 10 Non-Food Items You Can Give for Halloween [Money Saving Queen] Get creative and greet trick-or-treaters with these fun goodies like temporary tattoos, […] MORE >

Don’t Forget to Set Your Clocks Back for Daylight Savings on Sunday!

Get ready to “fall back” this Sunday, Nov. 2 and set  your clocks an hour back for the end of Daylight Saving Time! The official end to daylight savings is Sunday at 2 a.m. At this time, many of the clocks on your computer, tablet and smartphone will set themselves back an hour to 1 a.m. For other analog and digital clocks on your […] MORE >

Worst. Sick Day Excuses. Ever.

‘Fess up. Whether you claimed to have a touch of the flu or a car that wouldn’t start, you’ve probably told a little white lie to get out of work for the day. Turns out you’re not alone. A recent Career Builder survey found that 28 percent of employees have fibbed about why they can’t come in to punch the […] MORE >

Free Sample: 11 Freebies and Deals You Can Get Today (Free Yogurt, Shampoo, Face Wash, 50% off at Kohl’s and More!)

How to get it: Happy Halloween! Click on the links below for information on how you can get ten freebies and one awesome deal today. 25 Free App Downloads at Amazon: Amazon is offering 25 free apps downloads today for Halloween. Free Yoplait Greek or Yoplait 100 at Kroger Stores: You can get a free Yoplait Greek or Yoplait 100 […] MORE >

Freebie Alert! 13 Restaurants Offering Spooktacular Halloween Deals

Finalizing your Halloween plans for tonight? Fuel up (and save!) at these restaurants below before you and your little ghosts, monsters, princesses and superheroes head out trick-or-treating. These exclusive Oct. 31 deals are only valid at participating locations, so make sure to call your local restaurant before you head out. Applebee’s Kids 12 and under (sorry kids at heart) can receive a […] MORE >

Map: The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Every State

‘Tis the season that neighborhoods across the country transform into a real-life Candyland game board. Trick-or-treaters are gearing up for a night of howling fun, and households are stocking up on the sweet stuff, too. What will you be serving in your candy bowl for the big night? This was the question raised by couponing site SumoCoupon, so they took […] MORE >

Just in Time for Halloween: New Frappuccino Flavor at Starbucks!

Halloween is just one day away, and what better way to get psyched about the holiday than with a special Starbucks drink? That’s right: Through October 31, select Starbucks locations are offering a “Franken Frappuccino” in honor of the Halloween holiday. The limited-edition drink is made with peppermint syrup, white chocolate sauce, and java chips, plus whipped cream and chocolate/mocha sauce […] MORE >