7 Ways to Raise Money Online With Crowdfunding


Want to be showered with thousands of dollars from friends, family and random well-wishers? Well, it’s possible, thanks to crowdfunding, an increasingly popular community-oriented form of philanthropy in which people set up profiles and solicit donations through websites. Boost your crowdfunding know-how with these tips.

1. Settle on the right site. In addition to GoFundMe.com and Indiegogo.com, which are open to an array of projects, many crowdfunding platforms have a specific focus or a distinctive feature:
GiveForward.com: For health-related and medical expenses.
FundAnything.com: Open to basically anything and backed by Donald Trump, who personally contributes to or tweets about campaigns that pique his interest.
YouCaring.com: A completely free site—no fees on money collected—devoted to personal causes such as recovery from natural disasters.
AdoptTogether.org: A nonprofit site to help families raise money for adoption costs.
MoolaHoop.com: Geared to women raising money for start-up businesses.

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2. Make a heartfelt pitch. Be as honest and as personal as possible. Show photos or video, which can double the amount of money raised.

3. Set a realistic goal. Don’t ask for more than you need; it might turn off potential contributors. Include details about how donations will be spent.

4. Spread the word. Post a link to your fund-raising page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog and any other social-media sites you use.

5. Ask for shares as well as cash. Ask everyone in your network to post your link on their own social-media accounts. Shares result in more donations.

6. Keep your page active. Post regular updates—photos, progress reports, comments—so viewers and donors stay engaged and excited about your campaign.

7. Don’t forget to say thank you. A sincere expression of gratitude posted on your site, or sent via e-mail, also makes your donors feel appreciated.

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Have you ever used a crowdfunding site to raise money?

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