Help Children by Couponing for Good: Here’s How

All You has partnered with Champions for Kids in the month of March on a simple service project focused on Couponing for Good.

Are you new to Couponing for Good? The idea is simple — you might even already be doing it!

It’s easy: Before you grocery shop, combine store sales and coupons. If there are any items that you can get for free (or nearly free), pick up a few extras to donate to your local food bank, pantry, shelter or church. In March, we’re asking you to donate goods that benefit children and families as part of our partnership with Champions for Kids.

Items that families need most urgently include toiletries and baby necessities: diapers, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper and formula are all good choices. As for food, try to find healthy staples such as peanut butter, tuna, pasta, beans and canned fruits and vegetables are in high demand.

If you’re not sure where to donate, Feeding America has a helpful list of food banks, and the Homeless Shelter Directory can point you towards shelters in your community.

If you’re new to using coupons, refer to our comprehensive guide to couponing and tips for donating.

Thanks for joining us in enriching children’s lives! Your generosity will inspire others, so please share your stories with us. You can leave comments below or fill out a quick form on the Champions for Kids website.

  1. tony todd
    March 2, 2012

    A common myth is that couponers often buy wasteful things. But, savvy couponers actually do save big on great products they actually want and enjoy using on a daily basis. The secret to there success is that they simply ask companies for coupons.

    Most companies love to hear from consumers. They typically will reward you with high value coupons and sometimes even free products just for dropping them an email. Simply visit the company website and click on the “Contact Us” button. For example, if you prefer Nivea body lotion, you would go to and tell them how much you enjoy using Nivea and request a few coupons. Try doing this with your favorite products. You’ll be surprised at what you receive in the mail!

    For more couponing tips, visit

    Also, I recommend that you read Extreme Savings. It’s must a read that will teach you everything you need to know about couponing. Search for “Extreme Savings” on

  2. April 10, 2012

    Here is a great place to donate the”coupon for good” items.

    This non profit helps families in need that aren’t able to make it through the month. They help with food and hygiene items and try to help the families back on to their feet.


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